Simple, intentional self-love (and care)

February 2021 kicked off a new series on self-love and self-care! :) Last week, I talked about goal setting and using discipline as a vehicle to move you into the right direction of your future life (I even provided a handout to help you create disciplined, clear plans of action here).. This week is a little different because I'm telling you to love yourself now.

I cover the following topics in this episode:

  • the difference between self-love and self-care

  • the 6 pillars of self-love

  • 17 signs you need self-care

  • my personal recommendations to show yourself some love

  • an invitation to participate in my journaling challenge in my private Facebook group

There's so much meat in this episode! I truly hope you take some time to listen in. In this new format, as I've mentioned before, each month will go like this:

  • Teaching (with a document to help you)

  • Mini-life coaching

  • Book review (with a study guide you can purchase)

  • Interview

Interviews will always be the longest episodes (obviously), and that's coming soon. Next week, I talk cover Dan Harris's 10% Happier to cover how the middle ground of this topic.

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Thank you so much guys! I'm really working hard for your benefit! Hope you can see it!

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P.S.- Don't forget you can purchase last month's study guide for only $4.99- it could lead to some radical inner work, and it further cements Mark Manson's ideas (from his book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck) into your life. Play last month's series back in its entirety if you need a mindset reset.

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