SEASON 2 is here!- Fixed and Growth Mindset

Updated: Jan 11

Things are back and better than ever!

I will still have interviews, but I will leave the interviews until the end of the month, so the "expert" of that month can close out the new format of the podcast.

This will be the new breakdown:

Week #1: Practical Life Coach Lesson

Week #2: Scientific Life Coach Lesson

Week #3: Book breakdown

Week #4: Expert interview

Each month will have a theme. January will be all about the mind, so I am starting with fixed and growth mindset. Then, I am working on brain science next week. Then, I have a book I want to talk about that talks about thinking (stay tuned to find out which one), and I'll get a guest that wraps all of those up for us and shares their insight on the topic.

Does that make sense?

I am improving things for you, and I hope you'll become an avid believer and member of the #BTCarmy in 2021.

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I hope you'll tag along with the journey: I see big things.

Rooting for you,


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