Neuroplasticity- Your Brain at Work

I am really loving the new format changes on this podcast, and, by the looks of the downloads, you guys do, too. :) Everything that I'm doing was thought out with the intention of better serving you, so I'm glad it's reflected in the numbers.

Today's episode talks all about neuroplasticity. I actually want to interview the author of the book I reference in this episode (I'll update you soon) to finish off the series.

Last week, I mentioned how a growth mindset is the goal you should strive for. Staying in a fixed mindset will actually hinder your quality of life. The question some of you may have is, "Well, HOW do I do that?", and I got you covered on that with this week's episode.

You gotta embrace the power of neuroplasticity. Your brain in a machine capable of adapting to whatever you tell it to: it is your ultimate weapon, and it is the reason mankind has survived and elevated to the degree that it has.

I go over exactly what neuroplasticity is, and I tell you how it gets easier with the 3 E's. Play stream the episode to find out more.

Holler at me if you enjoyed this episode. I'd LOVE to hear from you (seriously, it would make my day).

Rooting for you always,


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