Mindset Mentors Chat (ep.4)

I know I said this last week, but I'll say it again: this week's episode felt so good to record for you! I hadn't had the energy of another person on the podcast for a while, so it was really nice to jump into interview mode again.

I connected with Raj Gorsia, an ICF Certified Life Coach based out of London who had some real gems to share: Here is a quick list of the highlights.

1) Listen to your inner voice-

While working in data science, Raj had a gut feeling that he needed a change (leading him to some exciting pivots in his life - listen to learn more). He said that his inner voice has never failed him yet, and I think that's a powerful statement to drop into the podcast.

2) Be a balance of goal-ortented and adaptive -

Although Raj has certain goals he wants to accomplish, he mentioned that you must remain flexible to the opportunities that present themselves. The only way ambition is bad, he suggests, is when it blocks you from seeing the full picture of life.

3) Your mind lies to you-

A lot of the personal growth that Raj has done involves learning which thoughts to detach from. His main point in bringing this up is: you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are just data, and you get to decide which thoughts matter. You inject meaning, not the other way around.

There's so much more meat in this episode! I truly hope you take some time to listen in. In this new format, as I've mentioned before, each month will go like this:

  • Teaching (with a document to help you)

  • Mini-life coaching

  • Book review (with a study guide you can purchase)

  • Interview

Interviews will always be the longest episodes (obviously), and Raj was a great person to have as the first interview of 2021. The Month of the Mind is officially done! Next month, February, will be all about self-love.

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