Mark Manson Wisdom (Book Reflection)

This week's episode felt so good to record for you!

I love Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck - it was the first book I used for the BTC Book Club, and it's (now) the first book I cover in this new podcast format.

There is SO MUCH to unpack in this book, but I cover four central lessons that resonated with me well after my initial reading.

1) Page 9-

"The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience."

Some powerful stuff that I've recently applied to the relationship with my parents.

2) Page 31 (Paraphrased) -

"Problems never stop: they merely get exchanged and/or upgraded. Happiness comes from solving problems: if you’re avoiding your problems or feel like you don’t have any problems, you’re going to make yourself miserable. If you feel like you have problems that you can’t solve."

Suffering is satisfying when it solves a problem: in fact, Manson proposes that its the best way to achieve sustainable happiness.

3) Page 76 (Rock Star Problems and Shitty Values section)

"Good values- 1) reality based 2) socially constructive, 3) immediate and controllable

Bad Values- 1) superstitious 2) socially destructive 3) not immediate or controllable."

The way I interpreted that was: bad values fuel the ego whereas good values empower others.

4) Page 152-

“Action isn’t just the effect of motivation; it’s the cause of it”

We have the cycle of motivation all wrong. Ignore your feelings and move first.

I just briefly touched on some of the commentary I have to share about the book in my list. Listen to the full episode to really see how these hit home. By proxy, I hope they hit home for you.

If you are really intrigued by this book after the podcast episode, I encourage you to take your intrigue a little deeper by purchasing the study guide I created for you to internalize the values of this book. It's only $4.99, but it could lead to some radical inner work.

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