Ep.8- Sustaining satisfaction w/ a Loving Chameleon

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to show you the heart of the Loving Chameleon (Isabella Bedoya). She is the founder of FAME Hackers, and she has worked long and hard to actualize this dream of hers.

Those of you who have purchased and read Break Through Fear (my first book!<3) know that the feelings of the hedonic treadmill are real (if you haven't, either buy my book or just Google the term for context), and most of us, unfortunately, may allow that lackluster feeling of happiness to permeate all of our lives. Izzy admitted that her endless feeling of "FOMO" (fear of missing out) has kept her very aware of the changes she needed to make to get off the hedonic treadmill.

This has led her to many different paths: from a Beverly Hills private chef that attending DJ Khaled's birthday party to now having international clients (and being interviewed by top music publications), Izzy has been able to experience extraordinary things because she's never been scared to do the "extra" work needed in order to see what life will gift her in return.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Being open helps shape your path.

  • Sometimes, you have to humble yourself for the short-term to have your long-term vision manifested (Izzy moved back to Florida after a life in LA).

  • Investments are key: whether you have money or not, there are resources you can access to improve yourself daily.

  • Trust your gut: With her move and with her company, Izzy trusts herself more than the people around her. For example, she named her company FAME Hackers knowing the initial reaction, but there's more beyond the surface (listen to find out what FAME stands for).

What did you think?

How did you like this Florida/Texas collaboration? Can you believe that someone so successful can be so down to earth? Is it hard to believe that you don't have to have all the answers as long as you have the right vision? So many times in life, we sit on the bleachers and let others dream. Izzy shows you what is possible when you stand up and fight for your vision.

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