Ep. 6- Training teams w/ an Honest Helper

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Hello everyone!

For the past 5 episodes, I've curated a panel of thought leaders from my hometown of Laredo, Texas. However, episode 6 marks a new transition and objective for Beat The Clock.

While our local guests definitely brought in different voices, I wanted to get even more unique life experiences by finding guests from out-of-state. In this way, I can get people from different professions, ages, ethnicity, and expertise to show you that most of us are tackling the same things. We think someone with a fancy title knows more than us. Those of you who have purchased and read Break Through Fear (my first book!<3), however, know that labels are deceptive.

With that, we begin with a social media expert who hails from Oregon named Ellen Yin. She brought up another point from Michelle's book when she said that when she started asking the right questions, things in your life start to change.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Reflecting on the past year can really give you perspective on the coming year. In 2019, Ellen asked one question. This year, she asked another.

  • Being honest with yourself can help you adapt to the seasons of life. Sometimes, you try something, and it's great. Other times, it's not. It's important to know what works for you and be aware enough to change it.

  • Having the right mindset changes you (My personal GOLDEN NUGGET: "As soon as you [check your social media in the morning], you are really taking on the role of a consumer instead of a creator because you're letting your thoughts be infiltrated by the outside world before you even form your own thoughts.") UGH- SO GOOD!

  • Being able to have a team and manage it correctly makes the world of a difference. Know you can't do it all: trying to will actually be to your detriment.

  • Ask the right questions to get the right results: "Do you want a lot of followers?" vs. "Do you want to sell a lucrative product?"

  • Simplicity is best. Everything else is vanity.

  • Failure is a part of the success formula. Expect it. Get excited from it. Learn from it.

What did you think?

What did you think about this Texas-Oregon meeting of the minds? Does it make you think about leadership and self-improvement in a new way? Do you feel relieved that such an amazing human (Ellen) can admit that she hasn't nailed her morning routine? Haha -- all jokes aside, what is your biggest takeaway from this episode?

If you purchased the book, don't forget that there's a free resource available on the homepage. My book is a part of my soul with some lessons sprinkled in, but the workbook will force you to look at your own story (and how you could take actionable steps to re-write it). It's a small resource, but it's the beginning of many to come. <3

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Thank you so much guys! I'm really working deeply for your benefit! Hope you can see it!

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