Ep. 19- Chiseling commitment w/ a Suspender of Reality

Hello everyone!

Dan Chan has been one of the best surprises of this podcast so far. Not only does he provide a lot of value to BTC by allowing us to look at the man behind the magic, but he impressed with me his efficiency. For every stage of the process (booking, interview prep, etc.), Dan is clearly someone with a surgeon-like focus and thought process, which was honestly surprising because my ignorance made me picture a silly magician at a kid's party. Wow, was I humbled and amazed.

Aside from his interview, he embodies success by being the first interviewee (since the new format change) to beat the clock 4-0! :) It was really cool to witness what it necessary to create victory, even on a small scale like a gamified podcast. The commitment is real.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • You can be just as focused about what you as what you "think" you need to do (and have, perhaps, even more success that way).

  • Engineer your way to success by seeking knowledge and getting in the reps. Nothing beats this experience.

  • Understand that, even in a job you love, you will have days when you are "not feeling it." Nothing will ever be a complete high - learn to ride the peaks and valleys of any experience.

What did you think?

Did this master magician make you think of commitment differently? I certainly came away awestruck with his presence and his mind (imagine how I'd get being in one of his shows?!- lol).

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