Ep. 17- Pursuing passions w/ a Relentless Conqueror

Hello everyone!

When I was able to finally book Oscar Hernandez to come into the Beat the Clock space, I could not believe it actually happened. Even after I saw his email confirmation, it didn't really hit me until we were on the Zoom call. It was a real step out of my comfort zone to reach out to him, and it felt like God was rewarding me for breaking through my fears.

I say that because those of you who have purchased and read Break Through Fear (my first book!<3) have read that it's so important to listen to the right information to really be happy. I knew that I was always outgoing, but I was not really comfortable "chasing" anyone. I didn't like to be annoying, naggy, or even thirsty to talk to someone, and I had to check in on Oscar several times because both of our schedules were hectic. I am so glad I didn't let my ego get in the way because meeting Oscar showed me that you could break into entertainment while remaining humble and try to yourself.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Sometimes, we try conforming to the world around us, and it makes us happy. Other times, we can feel when we crave more. Don't ignore that sensation - your passion may be your purpose.

  • Don't believe everything you see - television has its politics, and the fame that comes with time on television makes people show their true colors.

  • Make time for your passion by setting boundaries: never give up an interest of yours.

  • Know that your work may even inspire people outside of your niche.

What did you think?

What did you think of this Arizona/Texas collaboration? This is the second time I speak with someone who has been on a major talent show (shout-out to William Hung in episode 12), and it's just so crazy to see how gracious people can be after being subjected to intense criticism. Oscar gives me faith, inspiration, and confidence to continue down my path the way he has with his.

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