Ep. 16 - Prioritizing purpose w/ a Crisp Creator

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in the audio's introduction, this man came into my life just when I needed a model to look up to. While building the BTC brand and community, I have felt this inner tension to speak up more about faith (after all, everything I'm doing is in service to God). However, I was scared to wear more of my faith on my sleeve for fear of losing that momentum I was building. Oladimeji Ajegbile really humbled me in a way that I needed when we talked, and I hope his values have the same effect on you. I also observed how easily ego and purpose can be in a delicate dance. It's all about perspective and prioritizes: that shapes motive.

I dubbed Oladimeji the Crisp Creator after seeing the aesthetics of his work on The Simple Creative. His design is clean, secure, and smooth in a way that demands equal attention with its quiet confidence compared to more flashy content. He is effortlessly bold, and his whole approach to content creation is truly counterintuitive. When we think of "creatives", we may think of abundant visuals or loud noises (anything to make a statement), but Oladimeji has really found his stride in stripping messages down to their essence. Again, his whole being really makes one consider their own approaches.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • To create something out of nothing is truly a divine way of living. Don't be scared to create and tap into your inner power.

  • Do what feels right. When Oladimeji took over 2 hours to pick, what was ultimately, the same clothing, he felt he needed to change his approach to materialism. If you need to strip it down to the basics, do it. If you feel there's a better way, try it before you immediately shut it down.

  • Never think you don't have impact: in a goosebump-inducing story, Oladimeji mentioned how one girl used her math skills as a way to honor God (and she convicted many people to give their lives to Jesus in a classroom). Your gift is your sermon: your ability to showcase your gift creates a space for transformation.

What did you think?

How did you like BTC's second international collaboration? I came away with so much respect for my new friend from Nigeria. The way he could so easily incorporated Biblical narratives and ideas into his life was truly something that will stay with me forever. Even if Jesus isn't your thing (though I don't know why He wouldn't be), that level of faith (in anything) is admirable.

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