Ep.13 Fixing the format w/ a Student-Teacher

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to show you the spirit of the Student-Teacher (Simon Pellett). He already devoted so much time to helping me out, so I'm so glad he made time for BTC. He also allowed me to experience a first as a podcaster- interviewing on someone else's podcast.

Those of you who have purchased and read Break Through Fear (my first book!<3) have read that it's important to allow yourself to grow. Simon has had so many life experiences that would've shut others down, but he has transformed himself through sheer will-power and harness the power of being a student.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Never let obvious roadblocks (sickness, personality differences, job shifts) stop you from trying something new.

  • Keep going - over-analysis can lead you into paralysis. Keep it moving to begin the healing process (movement helps you find answers).

  • You can still be a part of the world you love (music), but you can change what that looks like for you.

  • Inaction is an action that can have dire consequences.

  • Short attainable goals can build momentum and be equally satisfying for those who don't have long-term vision.

  • Be mindful and don't be complacent: be excellent

What did you think?

How did you like this podcaster collaboration? I came away with so much respect for my new friend Simon. He already showed a lot of his character by volunteering to help me so much, but hearing his story really showed me how much of a conqueror he is in life. So much can happen when you #BreakThroughFear.

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Thank you so much guys! I'm really working hard for your benefit! Hope you can see it!

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