Ep. 12- Creating champions w/ a Courageous Believer

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to show you the spirit of the Courageous Believer (William Hung). He has been a speaker for two Tedx events that make you appreciate the beautiful human ability to recreate yourself. I approached Will when he was starting another new challenge in his life, and I'm so glad he made time for BTC.

Those of you who have purchased and read Break Through Fear (my first book!<3) have read that it's important to ask the right questions. Time after time in our chat, Will gave us insight that a lot of his life choices have stemmed from critical questions that he asked himself.

Favorite Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What you believe is ultimately your reality.

  • Expect nothing and try everything.

  • Don't be scared to ask for help.

  • Never let go of your inner child: when we are children, we are encouraged to explore. Adulthood robs us of that encouragement, so you must nurture your dreams yourself.

  • You never know which challenge will lead to breakthrough.

  • Never apologize for leveraging your past successes. They all connect and propel the future successes you will achieve.

What did you think?

How did you like this California/Texas collaboration? Personally, I liked how Dean said his past self wasn't too different from his current self: it made me see that you can keep your core but explore your essence in a new sphere without "losing" yourself. So much can happen when you #BreakThroughFear.

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