Timed interviews. Personal stories. Four questions.

This podcast is a labor of love and a source of inspiration for those looking to forge their own paths. Entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have blazed their own trail talk to Michelle about -

1) who they were,

2) who they are,

3) who they will be, and

4) how listeners can avoid clocking out.

They share the highs and lows, the sacrifice, and what it really takes to have full commitment to their vision...all in under 45 minutes. They take up this challenge to motivate you into action (and make the most of your time).

Past guests include NBA choreographer, Oscar Hernandez; TED Talk Speaker, Dean Furness; Top 10 Influencer/Entrepreneur of 2020 (according to Yahoo Finance) Colin Heaney; and the season 8 winner of Amazon's Comics Watching Comics, Gianmarco Soresi; Executive Producer of Wish Man, Lynda Sunshine West (among many others).

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