I'm glad you're here.


There wasn't enough space in my website's header to encapsulate everything I am.

Although I've been an educator since I was 23, I have always looked for opportunities to grow. Even my students would comment that I had an "unyielding drive" or that I was "on a journey to something more" (pretty astute, right?). 

As I begin a new decade in my life, I want to shift a little. Over the past 5 years, I single-handedly resurrected a nearly obsolete dance program. Along with my dancers, I brought home the school's first national title in school history. I still wasn't satisfied though.

I was supposed to open up a dance studio (so I was already in the entrepreneurial mindset), but COVID-19 came and canceled those plans. Now, I am using the same creative energy to jump into online entrepreneurship. I started an inspiring podcast, wrote a book, am just about to open up a coaching and consulting business, in the process of creating some courses, blogging, and other surprises (oh yeah, and I'm working on a PhD lol). All of my pursuits will be centralized around productivity, leadership, and personal growth.

If you're here, you're curious, and you're probably a little bit of a dreamer yourself. I dream, but I work on making my dreams a reality. I don't settle for just entertaining ideas - I execute them.

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Grow with me. Life's too short to be average.





As promised, this is the free resource that I created to go in conjunction with my book, Break Through Fear. It was made with a lot of love so you can create more love in your own life. Enjoy!


"Never let success get to your head.
Never let failure get to your heart."

-Author Unknown